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"I am an absolute beginning gardener, and this saved me hours wandering
around my hardware store wondering what to get. I have a firm idea about
where I want my garden, what watering system I want (wasn't even aware
of a few of the options), and understand a little more why some of my
previous gardens failed. My newest project is a front yard raised bed
garden, and instead of feeling overwhelmed, I feel confident because of
this guide!"

-Jess, founder of Raising Slow

Your dream of growing your own beautiful garden is possible right now. Even in the city. Here's how.

Have you been wanting to cut your own colorful flowers for bouquets? Have you ever wanted to pick fresh bright red tomatoes and fragrant basil to make your own pasta sauce from scratch? Maybe you've even wanted your own herbal medicine cabinet for the cold winter months.

Many things can hold us back from making these dreams realities--self doubt, lack of knowledge, lack of time, lack of money, lack of resources. That's why I created this toolbox. I have taken my own trials and tribulations in the world of gardening and put them into a step by step digital guide for you.

Covering the basics like how to get started, create a plan and vision, get your soil right, and make a plan for watering, will start you off on the right foot. But the toolbox also includes some extra bonuses like how to find the right tools, how to build your best soil, and a workbook to help keep you organized. It even includes a free bonus Spotify playlist, so you can listen to my favorite garden jams while you're out creating!

My favorite part about this toolbox is that you can implement it any time of year. Plants need to be planted at specific times, and it is easy to miss your window. This toolbox lets you create your space now, whatever the season, so that your garden space is ready and waiting for you when it's time to start planting.

“Create Your Own Garden Space” is an excellent resource for the new gardener. In four easy steps you will have your space ready to begin a garden when the right season rolls around, whether that garden is on your balcony, in your backyard or on your homestead.  Carly is right when she says, 'mistakes are just lessons to use the following year.' Dream Big!"  

-Mary Underwood, Firstfruits Cooperative CSA, Hopewell Farm


Everything you need to know about starting your own ideal garden space right now.

Get the toolbox you need to make your dream a reality.

  • Visualize and plan what your personalized garden space will look and feel like, and how you can put it into action immediately.
  • Discover why you don't need to wait any longer to get started.
  • Explore different soil ideas, and choose the one that's right for you.
  • Learn proven ways to water effectively to increase the health of your garden.
  • Do you ever feel overwhelmed by bugs? This toolbox shares which insects are friends and foes, so you know how to protect your garden.
  • Also included is a list of my favorite tools and where to find them.
  • Having fun in the garden is the most important thing, which is why I am also including a Bonus! My free Spotify playlist will have you singing and dancing your way through creating your perfect garden space.
  • Believe in yourself--you have everything you need to make your dream a reality right now!

"I wish I had this guide before setting up my first tower garden. I knew I wanted to grow hot peppers, but I didn't think about anything other than the type of pepper seeds I wanted to plant. I didn't think about soil and how I'd water that tower garden on my deck (or what it would be dripping on)  so I didn't have a plan for it and there was no water hose nearby!  I didn't pay attention to the amount of space I put it in and the plants quickly outgrew my space! This guide covers all the things I didn't think about before. And the workbook helps me to make a plan and capture it in a single place so I can keep it with me in my planting area.  I appreciate this guide, Carly, and I am using it now to plan a small raised garden."

-Gwen Tanner

Hi, I'm Carly.

And I'd really love to help you grow.

I have been obsessed with plants as far back as I can remember. Starting with grinding up Snow Berries & Rhododendron blossoms to make “perfume” for my mom and aunt when I was little, to working in greenhouses and nurseries as a teenager. I’ve just always loved to watch things grow. 

However, wherever I lived never supported a garden: duplexes, fourplexes, houses so deep in the woods that no sun beam could ever sneak through. A house with sand for a backyard. A tiny lot in the city that hardly had space for our house and 3 huge walnut trees. 

In 2012, I finally moved to a house in the city with a real yard! With sunshine, and a tiny garden patch next to the driveway. I fought the soil and weeds for five years. Then I finally switched to raised beds, and at age 38, my first real garden was born. 

Unfortunately, my health still kept me from my garden. A lifetime of chronic illness made it hard for me to do lots of things that most people can do easily. Like watering, weeding, and general tending. Over the years, I was able to learn how to set my garden up to thrive even when I couldn’t. I also read everything I could about my illness and tried to cure myself. I learned how to use herbs, fruits, and vegetables to help cure my chronic conditions, which made my own garden even more valuable.

The next problem I ran into was being overwhelmed by my harvests. I couldn’t use everything up before it went bad, and I felt terrible when things I grew went to waste. I started trying to learn and research how to garden more effectively and preserve my harvests, but it was so hard to find any good information! When I did finally find any, I gobbled it up with gusto, and found ways to make it work for me, a recovering lazy person, battling chronic illness. 

I started The Little Green Shoot first and foremost, to share my love of plants with the world. And secondly, to try to be the resource I wish I’d had for others. I want to show you how to make gardening easy and work for your lifestyle. I also want to teach you quick and easy ways to preserve your harvests and create your own mini homestead, even in the city. I am passionate about cooking and eating nourishing foods, and love to find new ways to use what I grow or purchase in healthy, and sustainable ways.

Gardening is both an art and a science, and your skills and knowledge grow and evolve with you throughout your entire life. Your garden can be as big or small as you like. There will be good years and bad years, failures and successes, and that’s where both the growing and the fun happens. If you’ve ever thought of yourself as a failure in the garden, you’re not. If you’ve ever thought you would kill every plant, you won’t. If you’ve ever thought you can’t learn, you can. I’m here to teach you.

Wishing you all that is in your best good,

Carly MacQuarrie

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does this cost?

I want to get this toolbox into the hands of as many beginning gardeners as possible! Which is why it is FREE to you as part of the Fall Homesteading Bundle!

Can I order a physical copy?

These products are all digital so you can have them instantly at your fingertips. Physical copies are great, too! If you'd like one, simply send the PDF off to your local printshop to have a copy made. They can even bind it for you if you'd like! You're also welcome to print it off from home.

How Will The Guide Be Delivered?

Within a few minutes of clicking the button, your guide should be delivered straight to your in box! Be sure to download so you can edit and save your changes. Easy peasy.

Do I have to wait until spring to get started?

No, the beauty of this toolbox is that you can create your space now, so that it is ready to go when it's time to start planting!